Compare and contrast (a blog challenge)

This is a very quick blog post in response to a blogging gauntlet thrown down by Brad Patterson and Anne Hodgson.

Being basically indecisive I couldn’t come up with just one answer, so here are three.

By the way, Brad and Anne’s challenge ( for those of you who didn’t follow the links above) was basically to find two photos from our archices to compare and contrast, mirroring that classic ELT classroom ( and Cambridge exam) activity.

This is my first offering which is actually a two-in-one offering.   It’s a kind of spot-the-difference. Or maybe a before and after?

If you’ve ever done any apple-picking, or are a fan of Robert Frost, you might like this link.

My second offering is more personal and says a lot about British summers, and British winters.  The question here is, which is which?  And of course, can you spot the differences between A and B?



 My third offering is very much on the same theme, though the contrast is a bit more obvious.  These two I’m going to call “The Three of Us” and the questions are: Where? When? Who? and What?  (what what is up to you to decide!)



Thanks for the challenge, Brad and Anne. It was a great excuse to look back through the family photos.  And a great reminder that it takes no time at all to set up a compare and contrast image based activity – in fact I may well use one of those for an ice-breaker in my first classes next week!

Other bloggers who’ve taken up the challenge include:

Mike Harrison

Baiba Svenca

Janet Bianchini

Chiew Pang

Cecilia Lemos

Jason Renshaw

Paco Gascon

Karenne Sylvester

Tara Benwell 

Larry Ferlazzo

Tyson Seburnt


Anna Varna 

Please let me know who else I’ve missed!  Thanks!

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23 Responses to Compare and contrast (a blog challenge)

  1. Adorable kids. Chiew was quick to see that your expressions were inverted.

    The rainy swing w/o kids is winter ? Oh man… if it’s summer…

    Merci 4 the mention. You’re always game for a run thru the gautlent, Ceri. What kind of “challenge” could we think up for tesol france ? Mwah ha hahahahaha 😉

  2. Oops… it was Paco that found the family facial features flip 😉 (say that 3x fast)

  3. I loved the pictures and the contrasts Ceri!!!

  4. Anne says:

    Hi Ceri, what a lovely way to meet you! Your kids look lovely, and mime a perfect “weather report” while you brave it out 😉 The apple picture is great – so much to describe for those with a love of nature!
    Thanks for taking up the gauntlet, and hope to meet you – perhaps next year!

    • Ceri Jones says:

      Hi Anne, sorry for the delay in replying – your comment had been sent to the spam tray for some reason 😦
      Love the challenge – hope we can “tweet up” in Glasgow?

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  7. David Warr says:

    3B was on your summer holiday. Don’t know where, exactly. Northern Portugal?

    • Ceri Jones says:

      Hi David! summer yes, holidays, yes – but Portugal no – it’s local – there’s a great little walk in the mountains about an hour from Cádiz, following river from one white village to another through a tunnel of fig trees – lovely shade on a hot summer’s day

  8. The second one on the swings shows the trees with no leaves so if you are giving us a choice between summer and winter, that means those kids are swinging around in rainproofs during a “glorious” summer’s day.

    I’ve got to ask, was all that bread left for the swan your doing? To make sure you got the swan in shot? Clever!

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  10. Ceri Jones says:

    Hi Gordon! yes, right and right!

    haha … not clever enough to think of that! no, bread supplied by some other photographer I suppose 🙂

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