Innovate ELT

Thanks for coming to the class today, I very much appreciate your hard work and collaboration.

Here’s the  main image from today’s class.

gray marlin la plage

And here’s a link to the gallery where you can see more photos by the same photographer – Gray Marlin – maybe you can find one from Barcelona?  Or maybe you’d like to browse through his other galleries.

Here’s a quick summary I’ve just written about the class.  It’s from my point of view, this is what I heard and saw.  Was it the same for you?

This is what we did in class today:

First of all we talked about how we use our phones and agreed that we all spend a lot of time  checking stuff, emails, whatsapp messages, that kind of thing.  Then we talked about photos we take on our phones and specifically about photos of beaches.  Juan remembered a photo he`d taken at sunset, when the sun was going down and the beach was empty and quiet.  Silvia said she doesn’t really like going to the beach, she prefers going to the mountains.

Then we talked about Gray Malin’s photo of Bondi beach and the people on it who were doing all kinds of different stuff.  We imagined ourselves on the beach, lying face down on our towels (or on our fronts, or on our backs). We wrote and posted a status update from the beach (you can see them here and learnt a few new words: a scorcher, medium-rare, well done (do you remember what they mean?)

If you’d like to comment on the summary or the lesson or anything else, please leave a reply in the box at the bottom of the page.  🙂


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