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A bird in the hand

Photo by ALP STUDIO on Unsplash Another quick and simple task with minimal resources. With my current group of teachers, a mixture of content teachers teaching through the medium of English and English language teachers, we have a “cultural curiosity” corner each class.  … Continue reading

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How long’s a piece of string?

Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash Here’s a quick classroom task for upper primary, secondary, teens or adults. I’ve found it appeals most to younger teens. Ask your class a question with “How long” e.g “How long does it take to digest a … Continue reading

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Processing the exam

listen by lambda_X on flickr The class I’m teaching at the moment is a mixed teenage and adult class, and all the students are hoping at some time over the next year to take the Cambridge FCE exam. At the … Continue reading

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Walking the walk?

(the palm trees that framed our conversations in the gardens at Oxford House) Last weekend I attended the first Innovate Conference at Oxford House in Barcelona.  It was a great experience and one that we all appreciated very much. A big thanks is in … Continue reading

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Is this flippin’ worth it?

shared by carterse on flickr under a creative commons licence In this post I want to look back at a series of activities I used with my beginners class last year with a couple of questions in mind.  First some … Continue reading

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An autumn lesson

Look at the photo above (shared on flickr by TausP under a creative commons licence) and in your mind’s eye, add a person sitting on the bench.  Pay attention to what they’re doing and what they’re wearing, the expression on … Continue reading

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Three things for a first class

I’d like to share a post I wrote recently for the British Council Teaching English blog site. It may be a bit late for some of you, or maybe not really relevant at this time of year, but hopefully some … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence

Sometimes work just gets in the way! I have recently finished the final draft of a project which has been taking up most of my time for the last year or so and I’m hoping to make up (at least … Continue reading

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Stories waiting to be told

At The Image Conference at Barcelona last weekend (June 8) I spoke about three types of images I like to use and explore in class. The first was, of course, close ups. Like the one below for example. I think close-ups … Continue reading

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crowd-sourcing: technology in your classroom

  This week I’m tutoring on an online teacher development course discussing the use of technology in the ELT classroom. To kick off we’re exchanging some information about our current or recent teaching contexts.  All the participants are teaching, or … Continue reading

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