Unleashing the power of images

This workshop looks at using images in the ELT classroom with a special emphasis on using images from the students’ lives  and minds to build bridges between the classroom and the outside world. Below are notes and handouts from two conferences where I presented two slightly different variations (TESOL Spain 2012, IATEFL UK 2011).

1 TESOL Spain 2012  (March 11 Bilbao)

Thank you so much for coming.  I really enjoyed sharing these images and ideas with you. Here is the word cloud summary of the session.

And here’s a link to the powerpoint slideshow. It’s a slightly cropped version. I haven’t included the Google Earth images are there are copyright issues, but I have included images from the window of my living room, the basic idea being that we look at the same place at different times of day and compare what’s going on.  It can extend into a project beyond class.

Unleashing the power of images bilbao online

thanks to renato.santoniero for sharing this image on flickr

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to lesson ideas and other references.

2 IATEFL UK 2011 Brighton

Click on the word cloud to see the handout from the session.  One side gives the abstract and a word cloud summary of the main ideas, whilst the other side provides useful links and references.

For a slightly abbreviated version of the powerpoint slideshow, please click on the link directly below the image.

Unleashing the power of images (online version)

Here are links to blog posts that give further information about the lesson ideas modelled in the workshops:

A lesson plan for the Broken Umbrellas activity:
Lesson plans for close-ups
Sand https://cerij.wordpress.com/images/sand/
Tiles https://cerij.wordpress.com/images/tiles/
Waves https://cerij.wordpress.com/images/waves/
Eltpic 2000 https://cerij.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/eltpic-2000/
A lesson plan for mental snapshots
The flickr eltpics photo set – creative commons images for teachers by teachers
Web 2.0 tools used in the slideshow
Mosaic maker http://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php

If you came to the session, thank you very much for being there!


6 Responses to Unleashing the power of images

  1. Carla Arena says:

    Dear Ceri,

    It was great meeting you at IATEFL and being able to watch such an inspiring presentation. I’ll certainly share it with the teachers I work with. Thanks!

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