Tricks of the trade: teaching teens

Here is a copy of the wordle from the workshop. I hope it’ll work as an effective memory hook for our discussions.

 teen wordle

Lesson ideas and activities

Here are links to blog posts that give more details about some of the activities we looked at together in the workshop.

a list of ten games that can be used for consolidating and recycling vocabulary

Family Fortunes – a blog post on the new Richmond share blog

the alphabet game – the procedure

an example of how the alphabet worked out with one teenage group

some ideas for using images in the classroom

using questions to structure and support writing tasks



Here are links to the flickr sets and the facebook group.

If you want to follow or join in  on twitter use #eltpics


Short video clips and films

Links to blogs and sites sharing lesson plans based on short films and viral videos


Background reading

When I googled “teaching teens” I got over 76 million hits.  Here are a handful of links to article and blog posts that struck a chord for me because they emphasise the positive aspects of teaching and don’t start off with the words “daunting” or “terrifying” in the first sentence.

1 “The Adolescent Brain – Learning strategies and teaching tips”  The article is written for content teachers but is also highly relevant for language teachers.

2 Joanna Budden, teacher, writer and consultant explores Carl Rogers’ statement that a teacher/facilitator needs to show 1 empathy (see things from their students’ point of view)  2 authenticity (being yourself)  3 acceptance ( of students’ ideas and opinions)

3 A very practical and heartfelt blog post from teacher, trainer and self-publisher Michelle Worgan  on how and why teaching teenagers can be more rewarding than any other age group.

Thank you for coming to the workshop and sharing your experience and your expertise! 


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