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In the flow

[photo credit Nathan Hall, eltpics, Water] A very small thing has prompted me to write again. It was a speaking task, an incredibly simple speaking task that  I hadn’t expected to take off as it did. It was the first … Continue reading

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Processing the exam

listen by lambda_X on flickr The class I’m teaching at the moment is a mixed teenage and adult class, and all the students are hoping at some time over the next year to take the Cambridge FCE exam. At the … Continue reading

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Attention breeds attention

This is a very short observation of a very small phenomenon, nothing new or ground-breaking, but something I wanted to explore.  I’ve noticed it a couple of times recently in my current class of mixed teens and adults. The first … Continue reading

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Reflecting on reflecting

[This post was also published on the British Council Teaching English blog. ] I’m two weeks into a new course with a new class and one of the questions on the BC blog this month got me thinking about how … Continue reading

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Walking the walk?

(the palm trees that framed our conversations in the gardens at Oxford House) Last weekend I attended the first Innovate Conference at Oxford House in Barcelona.  It was a great experience and one that we all appreciated very much. A big thanks is in … Continue reading

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Denver the guilty dog

Last weekend I was at the TESOL Spain conference in Salamanca. A beautiful city and a great conference, thanks to all the organizers for a warm welcome. This was one of the activities we looked at in my session on … Continue reading

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Into, through and beyond

 This weekend I’m going to be attending the Image Conference in Córdoba.  If you don’t know about The Image Conference, check it out here on the website.   It’s a great initiative and I really enjoyed the first event in Barcelona … Continue reading

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