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Walking the walk?

(the palm trees that framed our conversations in the gardens at Oxford House) Last weekend I attended the first Innovate Conference at Oxford House in Barcelona.  It was a great experience and one that we all appreciated very much. A big thanks is in … Continue reading

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the last link ?

This post is a very late response to a blog challenge that was doing the rounds last year (well, OK, a couple of weeks ago). Apologies to Hana and Sandy who both “tagged” me just before the Christmas break, and … Continue reading

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Back to the drawing board

This is a very simple lesson outline that worked well for me.  It grew out of a lesson plan prepared by a colleague for the team of teachers teaching supplementary skills classes in a local state school.  For me it … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast (a blog challenge)

This is a very quick blog post in response to a blogging gauntlet thrown down by Brad Patterson and Anne Hodgson. Being basically indecisive I couldn’t come up with just one answer, so here are three. By the way, Brad … Continue reading

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Making waves?

This post is a very late contribution to  Jason Renshaw‘s  wandrous whiteboard challenge. The basic idea is to start the activity (and preferably the lesson) with a blank board and to ask the students to fill the board with whatever … Continue reading

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The Day Nothing Became Everything – a guest post by Cecilia Coelho

I’m really pleased to be able to introduce my first guest to the blog, Cecilia Coelho, a teacher and trainer working in Brazil.   She, too, took the English Raven challenge.  And here’s her “close up” on how she took the plunge.  Thanks, … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

This post was inspired by an English Raven challenge.  (See also What’s your approach called? Mine’s called SLIL for the result of an earlier challenge 😉 ). Jason Renshaw, on his superb blog, challenged teachers to take on an “upside-down, inside-out” approach … Continue reading

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