eltchat – change of address

Various commitments, both personal and professional have kept me away from my blog and other online activities for almost four months.  The usual – classes, deadlines, family visits, kids’ holidays.  And I think I would probably have kept away until September and the end of the long summer break, had it not been for the news that  eltchat has lost its .com domain, through no fault of their own.  (To find out more read Marisa and Shaun’s blog post. )

Like so many others (Ceci Lemos, Ty Seburn , Dave Dodgson, Fiona Price, Chiew Pang Tamas Lorincz, Lesley Coccarelli to name just a few) who have blogged about this news, or who have tweeted about it or flagged it on facebook,  #eltchat is an essential part of my elt world.   An incredible resource, a motivating meeting place. And luckily the loss of the domain is only a temporary glitch.  The team are working on getting everything uploaded onto their new domain – eltchat.org.  It may take a little time and it will certainly be a mammoth job, but everything’ll be back up and running in time for September.

And last,  but obviously not least, I’d like to repeat Ty’s request for anyone who’s linked to eltchat. com in their blog posts in the past, to go back and update their links as soon as the new domain is up and running.

Good luck to everyone involved – and see you all back on #eltchat in September!




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