Weather report

I started off in July thinking I’d be writing and blogging the whole summer through, but it just didn’t work out that way.  I should have signed off on July 1 and gone with the flow of switching from teacher to mother for the next two months.  Instead I’ve been suffering from intermittent guilt patches … which brings me to the title for this post …

We’re setting off tomorrow for the last “jaunt” of the summer. Back to the UK to visit family and friends. And as part of the preparations of course, I just have to check the BBC weather site. I love the way that for the five days we’re in Wales, there are going to be five different kinds of rain; light showers, heavy showers, light rain, heavy rain and light rain shower (not sure what that last one means really – but it has a sun peeking out from behind it).

I guess just plain “wet” would get kinda repetitive.

So, anyway, with macs and wellies packed we’re off to refresh ourselves in the glaw (just as we did earlier this year in the Galician choiva) – and in September I’m really, really hoping normal service will be resumed.

In the meantime, here’s a weather-related language learning moment -(you need to read it from the bottom)  – thank you, Alice – sheer poetry!

And takes me back to another weather related post – one from the archives Grey days.    Guess there may be quite a few lined up for us over the next ten days!

See you all in September!

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6 Responses to Weather report

  1. Your post brings to mind the delightful book (and movie) title “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”. Clouds can bring all kinds of things, exciting ones too!
    Enjoy your vacation and have a great new school year!

  2. Echoing Naomi’s comment— ENJOY !!! … chance of meatballs. LOL

  3. Justin Birch says:

    Sorry to leave an unrelated comment, but I couldn’t find any contact information for you.

    I was hoping to find out if you accept guest posts. I had an idea for one that I think would be a good fit. You can reach me at justbirch81 [at] if you’re interested. Thanks!

  4. How was Wales? September isn’t too bad, always seems to be like that, though.

    • Ceri Jones says:

      Hi David!
      Wales was great – as always. We made the most of the cool sea breezes and the breaks in the rain 🙂
      Looking forward to September. One of my favourite months, a bit dreamy, a bit melancholic as the summer comes to an end – but lots of new beginnings too.
      Hope you’re having a good one.

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