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Writing to learn

This post  was inspired by Dave Dodgson in Ankara, Turkey, and his account of using dictogloss with young learners. I’m a big fan of dictogloss*  (or dictocomp as Marisa Constantides calls it in a comment on the same blog post) … Continue reading

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Going public

Our class blog has gone public.  I was surprised, and really pleased, that just one week after first launching it, the students have decided not to keep it private anymore, but to share it, not only with students who’ve left … Continue reading

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Grey days

Yesterday was a very untypically grey day in Cádiz.  With the drizzle thick in the air and the grey-green sea lost in the low clouds. When my students came back from their break in the morning class they seemed a … Continue reading

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The integrated whiteboard

In my last lesson the ebeam gave up the ghost halfway through, leaving me with my traditional whiteboard and pen. It certainly wasn’t a drama. The lesson continued and we didn’t really miss the IWB that much.  Until the end, … Continue reading

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Making waves?

This post is a very late contribution to  Jason Renshaw‘s  wandrous whiteboard challenge. The basic idea is to start the activity (and preferably the lesson) with a blank board and to ask the students to fill the board with whatever … Continue reading

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