a conversation about twitter

Sitting at the kitchen table, checking tweetdeck. I liked the questions and where they led us, and the outsider’s view on my new (ish) obsession 😉

C = me S= my eight year old son

S Why’s your photo on that page? Who are all the other people?
C Those are people I talk to on the computer
S Are they your friends?
C Yes, some of them, and teachers from other parts of the world …
S What do you talk about?
C Teaching mainly, and other things, things in the news, things we’re interested in …
S Where are they from?
C Some are from Spain, some are from the UK; some are from Portugal, Brazil, Japan
S Korea?
C Yes
S Serbia?
C No, I don’t think so, not at the moment …
S What language do you use?
C English mainly … sometimes there are messages in Spanish … sometimes in Portuguese or Italian or French …
S In Japanese?
C Yes
S In German?
C Yes …. or Greek, or Dutch, or Norwegian … I don’t understand those.
S What do you do when you don’t understand?
C Well, you don’t have to answer them all. If you don’t understand them, or you aren’t interested, you don’t have to answer … that’s what’s good about it, if you want to join a conversation, you can …. But if you don’t, you don’t have to … it’s not rude, unless they ask you a direct question
S Is it fun?
C Yes, look, sometimes I get links to great videos …

[I imagine you can guess where that took us …. 😉 ]

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2 Responses to a conversation about twitter

  1. Cecilia Coelho says:

    Hi Ceri!!!

    It’s so funny that you wrote about this, because my 9-year-old daughter has been pretty interested in my new obcession as well 🙂 She’s bugged me about setting up a Facebook account for her – fat chance of that happening! – and now she wants a twitter. She’s always asking and comes around when she sees me excited about something, and the whole twitter=PLN has giving me lots of that lately.

    I sometimes catch myself thinking of how wonderfully natural it is for my kids to deal with technology. My 5-year-old is all about emails now – sending and getting. He tells me how emails he’s gotten so far everyday. And I think it’s so wonderful because his writing has developed a lot, because he has more opportunities and incentive to write. It’s yet another example at how positive technology can be.

    Thanks for sharing… look forward to running into you on Twitter 🙂

    • Ceri Jones says:

      Hi Cecilia, I’m hoping the whole email/blogging thing is going to get my son and his bilingual friends turned on to writing this autumn. He’s a happy, confident, fluent writer in Spanish – now I want to encourage him to transfer his skills to English. Will be posting about it no doubt!

      See you on Twitter sometime soon, I hope!

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